Focus Areas



modus|zad is aiming to close the gap between theory, practice and social innovation in the field of extremism prevention and deradicalisation. To achieve this goal, modus|zad is creating and exploiting synergies as well as developing new innovative approaches to tackle the arising challenges in the field of preventing and countering violent extremism (P/CVE).


The challenge


Currently the P/CVE world is battling with a disparity between research, practice and social innovation. This leads to academic outputs that do not reach the practitioners in a timely and comprehensible manner. Additionally, technological developments and innovations are delayed in reaching the target audience.




modus|zad does not solely focus on research and the development of new models, theories and methods, instead modus|zad aims to drive innovation by testing, application and distribution as well as continuously (re)evaluation promising new approaches. This way modus|zad ensures that practitioners can keep up with the sometimes astonishingly fast developments of extremist ideologies and groups.




modus|zad consists of a diverse and interdisciplinary team of scientists, creatives and practitioners, that is closely connected to Violence Prevention Network and other partners from civil society, politics, research facilities and industry.