Teach2Teach (2017-2019)

Training and qualification for specialists in the field of radicalisation prevention in right-wing extremism



The aim of the Teach2Teach project was to enable professionals, such as teachers, youth workers, and social workers, who may come into frequent contact with individuals at risk of radicalisation, to recognize right-wing action and interpretation patterns, to respond to ideologically based devaluation strategies and to establish and maintain a confident professional relationship with people at risk of radicalization.


Working closely with researchers and practitioners, the project team analysed current trends and developments in the area of right-wing populism, as well as challenges and needs in the field of preventing radicalisation. As part of regular expert meetings, experienced researchers and P/CVE specialist practitioners exchanged knowledge and methods in dealing with problematic statements and actions. The aim of the meetings was to develop training and qualification measures for previously insufficiently empowered multipliers. Building on the results of the expert meetings, the project team continuously developed flexible workshop modules for dealing with manifestations that occur specifically in the context of so-called right-wing populism and which can act as bridges to right-wing extremist attitudes. It was also researched to what extent known prevention approaches from the area of Islamist extremism could be transferred to the field of right-wing populism, but also right-wing extremism, and vice versa.

The 12 one-day or multi-day trainings that were offered, were tailored to the needs of the participants in their individual work context. For example, trainings for teachers at colleges, primary and secondary schools, and day-care centres were delivered, as well as workshops for P/CVE specialists and furthering education institutions. Additionally, a manual was developed making the research findings and practical methods developed in the project Teach2Teach available to the full range of stakeholders.




The Manual (available in German): “Rechtspopulismus und Rechtsextremismus” can be downloaded here.


Duration: 06|2017 – 12|2019



Methodenhandbuch: Rechtspopulismus und Rechtsextremismus

Project lead:
Dr. Dennis Walkenhorst




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