Scientific advice/support for the project “Fokus ISLEX – Mobile measures for prevention and deradicalisation in Lower Saxony’s prison system and probation services”

Background and objectives of the project Focus ISLEX

The model project Fokus ISLEX is implemented by the Violence Prevention Network and includes a comprehensive package of measures for prevention, training, intervention and deradicalisation in the Lower Saxony prison system and probation services in the field of Islamic extremism. The measures cover all phases of “typical” radicalisation processes, ranging from diagnostics and intervention measures to reintegration and, if necessary, support for the concerned offenders after release from prison.


Focal point of the scientific monitoring by modus|zad: Diagnostics

The observation and evaluation of individual distancing processes from religious based extremism have so far been insufficiently supported both empirically and theoretically. The literature on the subject is roughly divided into two dimensions: “risk orientation” and “resource orientation”. The first dimension focus primarily on security-related issues in order to estimate the probability of (potentially) radicalised individuals resorting to violence. In comparison, studies of the second dimension concentrate on their resources, thus focusing on the possibilities and assessments of an individual’s potential for change. The instruments developed so far for this purpose are on the one hand not sufficiently validated, and on the other hand limited in scope for the pedagogical practice of prevention and deradicalisation work. Since positively evaluated resources (protective factors) are no guarantee for disengagement from extremist ideologies, it remains necessary to expand social diagnostics to include a dimension that, in addition to risk and protective factors, takes into account the individually perceived quality of the relationship to the world.

The aim of the scientific support is to provide a theoretical framework, practical development and implementation of a diagnostic instrument that combines the dimensions of risks, resources and resonance, thus providing a picture showing the distancing processes of extremist actors, which covers their complexity.


Scientific advice/support „Fokus ISLEX“


Duration: 05|2020 – 12|2021

Project lead:

Dr. Dennis Walkenhorst




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