Scientific advice / support of the project “Inside-Out – Development of effective strategies to initiate distancing processes in children and young people via their parents”

Background and objectives of the Inside-Out project

The aim of the model project, carried out by ifgg in Berlin, is to develop effective strategies for initiating distancing processes among children and young people who (1) grow up in a radicalised environment and/or (2) already exhibit extremist/inhuman attitudes and/or (3) have already become radicalised. These are to be reached primarily via their parents as the main target group, with whom interventions with a potentially deradicalising effect on the children/young people are to be developed and implemented jointly.


Focal point of the scientific monitoring

modus|zad evaluates the implementers of the Inside-Out project on a process-related (formative) basis. This enables the continuous development of concepts and methods for the successful implementation and continuation of the project based on current practical and research knowledge. Since the project addresses problem situations in several places, which have hardly been dealt with systematically and rarely been considered in the light of the current state of research, a further goal of the evaluation is to continuously formulate concrete problem descriptions and to develop approaches for solutions by means of recommendations and joint workshops.

Furthermore, concrete problem situations serve to prepare the content for the accompanying podcast (modus|extrem), which is intended to sensitise the (professional) public to concrete challenges in the context of “parents/children in prison”, thus raising awareness of the issues pointed out by the project.


Scientific advice/support “Inside-Out”


Duration: 03|2020 – 12|2024

Project lead:

Dr. Dennis Walkenhorst





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