Scientific Monitoring of the Project “Fair Stärken”

Background of the project

The project FAIR STÄRKEN of Violence Prevention Network aims to establish a series of training and counseling opportunities in the Cottbus area for educational professionals who are confronted with derogatory statements and behaviors or anti-human, anti-democratic and right-wing extremist attitudes in their professional environment or in the context of an honorary position and who want to react competently to them. In addition, networking and regular exchange with already existing offers on site are to be established. The focus of the training offer is on strengthening one’s own attitude and professional role in the professional confrontation with anti-democratic, right-wing extremist and conspiracy ideological attitudes and actions.

Focus and benefit

The evaluation of the FAIR STÄRKEN project draws heavily on participatory and formative elements and is multi-methodological. As the project is still in its early stages, a benefit-oriented developmental evaluation will be conducted and a continuous mirroring function for the project implementers will be provided. Accordingly, a strong common exchange based on the current practical and research knowledge is forced for the successful implementation and continuation of the project. By closely integrating the expertise of the practitioners to be evaluated, the evaluation aims to answer the key question: What works for whom, when, how and under which conditions? The evaluation focuses on the core of the project, the multiplier qualifications. The aim is to find out

  • whether the selected approaches, methods and contents of the qualifications are suitable to achieve the intended effects.
  •  whether the intended effects can actually be observed in the participants.

In addition, as part of the evaluation, an instrument for (self-)evaluation will be developed for the multiplier qualification in order to enable the practitioners involved in the project to assess the impact of their work in the future within the framework of self-evaluation processes.