Scientific Support of the Project “Inside-Out”

(Imprisoned) parents as key persons in prevention of radicalisation.

Background and goals of the inside.out project

The model project inside.out, carried out by the Institut für genderreflektierte Gewaltprävention (ifgg) in Berlin and Brandenburg, is a parent coaching program aimed at two target groups: Advice is given to parents who are incarcerated and whose release is imminent, as well as to parents whose children are incarcerated or at risk of incarceration. The project aims to strengthen parents in their role as parents during the respective challenging transition phases (release from prison; incarceration; delinquency). Among other things, they are to be provided with strategies that prevent radicalised behaviour and/or ways of thinking of their children.

Focal points of the scientific support

The scientific support of the project “inside.out” is based on the approaches of an evolutionary evaluation. The approach is particularly suitable for the development phase of a program concept and/or continuous monitoring of a project.

The scientific support primarily offers a “mirroring function” for those implementing the project. This reflection allows to develop concepts and methods for a successful implementation and continuation of the project on the basis of current practical and research knowledge.

In the first year of the project, topics and questions for the scientific support were identified in cooperation with the project team. Thereupon, special attention was paid to the target groups, networking as well as the general conditions and challenges in coaching. Based on the coaching sessions that had already taken place, an initial analysis of the parents’ roles, the transition phases and the experiences of detention took place.

In the second year of the project, the focus was on the coaching content and its similarities and differences between the two target groups. Additionally the connections to the field of prevention of extremism were drawn.

In the third year of the project, interviews with the parents and people from their environment will be collected in order to identify their strategies for dealing with the incarceration of the parent or the child.

modus|extrem produced three podcast episodes as part of the scientific support, in which project-relevant content and challenges were addressed that revolve around the topics of “parents, child, imprisonment and (de)radicalisation”.

You can access the project page here.