Preparing Practitioners for the Rising Threat of Anti-Authority Extremism


In recent years, the movement of Reichsbürger*innen has gained attention within Germany. In international contexts similar movements that attempt to eliminate democratic structures and establish a form of government according to their own ideas can be found. In Canada, there are the so-called Sovereign Citizens and Freeman on the Land. In both countries, relatively little is known about the followers of right-wing anti-authoritarian groups. This makes it difficult not only for politicians to deal with this phenomenon, but also for practitioners and employees of state institutions.

The Project

In cooperation with the Canadian Organization for the Prevention of Extremism (OPV), modus|zad looks into rising right-wing movements of anti-authoritarian extremism. The aim of the first project phase is to get an precise overview of the respective scenes and current developments in the two countries. In addition to a thorough literature review, interviews will be conducted, and social media platforms will be analysed. The knowledge collection will be used to provide information to relevant actors in the field. Information will be provided in three different formats:

  • A scientific report will be prepared to define and classify the right-wing anti-authoritarian movements.
  • A handbook for practitioners and public officials who encounter with people from right-wing anti-authoritarian movements will be produced.
  • A policy brief will be prepared listing key findings and formulating policy recommendations.