Extremsim and Gaming Research Network (EGRN)


The Extremism and Gaming Research Network (EGRN) is an international network comprised of leading counter-extremism organizations. It was founded with the goal of facilitating research into the use of gaming-related content and gaming spaces by extremist groups as well as potential measures to prevent or counter the exploitation of gaming by such actors. The team of modus|zad is proud to be an EGRN member and to contribute to this crucial emerging area of concern.

There is ample evidence that extremist actors of various ideological backgrounds are seeking to exploit videogames, gaming-related content, and gaming-adjacent media platforms. Several attacks, including the livestreamed right-wing extremist attack in Christchurch, have been linked to gaming spaces and a large number of propaganda items have been found on various gaming-related platforms. Despite this, research on gaming and extremism is limited and relies largely on anecdotal evidence. EGRN is designed to close this research gap and support the design and implementation of positive intervention campaigns in gaming spaces.

Aims and benefit

Together with the other EGRN member organizations, modus|zad will

  • Work to close the research gap on gaming and extremism in various areas, including the use of videogames, the use of gaming-adjacent platforms, the use of gaming aesthetics in propaganda output, and the use of gamification by extremist actors.
  • Seek to facilitate a nuanced understanding of the purpose and effect of gaming-related content in radicalization processes while preventing gamers from being viewed or portrayed as a threat.
  • Collaborate with all relevant stakeholders, including tech firms, gaming platforms, governments, international organizations, researchers, practitioners, gamers, and other NGOs to support a holistic approach to tackling this issue.
  • Design and test positive intervention projects in gaming spaces and/or the use of gaming-related content in intervention projects elsewhere.
  • Assist other organizations seeking to gain a deeper understanding of gaming and extremism and/or wish to design and implement gaming-related projects.