Correlations of the Islamist English-speaking and German-speaking periphery of extremism on YouTube and implications for the prevention of radicalisation



The aim of the project KorRex is to investigate the influences of the English-speaking YouTube scene on the German-speaking YouTube scene in order to subsequently generate knowledge for prevention work and the development of prevention content. If the channels of the German-speaking periphery of extremism draw inspiration for formats and topics from English-language channels, strategies for prevention or new formats and topics could be developed at an earlier stage before the new formats even reach the German-speaking audience. From a technical point of view, a kind of “early warning system” could be developed for partial aspects of the German-language discourse on the periphery of extremism and the narrative, stylistic, timing, and community management elements used. If the working hypotheses of the project are confirmed, the first insights into new trends in English-speaking countries can be communicated to those involved in the prevention of extremism and creators of prevention content in German-speaking countries and P/CVE practitioners and producers of online-prevention content in the form of counter and alternative narratives can be better prepared for what they must address with at-risk target groups on YouTube.



Project Partners


Violence Prevention Network e. V.



Duration: 01|2020 – 12|2020



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Project lead:
Dr. Dennis Walkenhorst




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