Level Up!

Networking of actors and targeted support of impact potentials in the prevention of online extremism

Level Up! is aimed at actors who are already implementing measures in the field of online extremism prevention or would like to develop them. It is often difficult for individual projects, which are limited in both time and money, to meet the full range of requirements in practice. But especially online it is essential to be able to implement campaigns or consulting services even faster and more flexibly. Aligning concrete content and strategies with current monitoring results and at the same time improving the use of effective search engine optimization and social media marketing and advertising strategies are specific challenges in the area of prevention in digital social spaces that can only be met by networking with other organizations and projects. This is precisely where the Level Up! project comes in:

Through the targeted analysis of untapped impact potentials and their tailored promotion, Level Up! supports interested projects of online extremism prevention e.g. in:

  • target formulation, target group definition & target group access
  • stocktaking & increase of effectiveness of existing measures
  • Development & implementation of new measures 
  • Campaign design & coverage increase 
  • Development of evaluation tools 
  • Networking with external experts

For this purpose the following resource pools are available to the project: 

  • Insight pool: monitoring of relevant extremist actors/scenes on various social media platforms
  • Support pool: offering collegial case consultation, linking with experts (content production, social media marketing, legal advice, data protection, etc.), financial support for testing measures such as social media advertising campaigns, etc. 
  • Content pool: “Promising Practice” examples of formats of extremism prevention online as orientation in the development of new approaches and campaigns.

We continue to have capacity on the Level Up! team to support a wide variety of online extremism prevention projects with resources. If interested, feel free to contact us at . We look forward to a conversation!

The LevelUp! project is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth as part of the federal program “Live Democracy!“